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Housing Families Breakfast 2017

October 29, 2017

Housing Families
Every year the Knights hold a fund raising breakfast to aid Housing Families.


Patty Kelly
Housing Families was ably represented by Patty Kelly.


In addition to the breakfast, donations were requested for pumpkins decorated by Pope John XXIII students and Judy Doulcette’s youth choir.


Patrick Shea served as the scarecrow for family pictures up on the stage.


Cooking Eggs
Brother Knight John Goudey prepared eggs in the kitchen.


buttered toast
Brother Knight James Donohue prepared toast and buttered it out in the dining area.

Family Dinner

Wednesday, June 22, 2017: The Council gathered to break bread with family as this fraternal year comes to a close.

Francis Galvin, ?, ? Bill and Anna Quigley
Madeline, Gene, and Kevin Amico John Sr, Maria, and Francesco Farrell
Johnny Tran, Fr Jean Massingue,
Tom Monahan
Fr Sullivan, Tom & Jennifer Walsh
Maria Mercurio, Maria DiBenedetto, ? ?, David Ennamorati
Calvin Morley, Patrick Shea Michael DiBenedetto, Rich Grant,
Aaron Carter, Frank Farrell
Mary Lou, Charles Bosselman,
Antoine Schettini
From Pisa Pizza, Tiki Island

Pancake Breakfast

breakfast20160221-01 breakfast20160221-02

Many Knights turned out this morning to prepare and serve breakfast within the Parish Hall. New faces were seen at the toasters, even though the faces were well known. We made the pancakes from scratch. The bacon was cut by Gene Pinkham from a fresh slab. Scrambled eggs, seasoned diced potatoes, hash, and beans were also available for the people we fed. We wish to thank the continued patronage of old friends who come to eat together.

Past and Future Events

Soup And Stations

The Council owes a round of thanks to our Brother Knight and his wife, Bill and Anne Quigley, for brewing up and serving the soups for the simple meal preceding Friday’s Stations of the Cross. They were ably supported by our Grand Knight, Tom Monahan. It is Lent. I invite all of you to join us for Soup and Stations this coming Friday and every Friday in Lent to meditate on our Savior’s sacrifice.

Spring Training Breakfast

On Sunday, February 21 2016, the Knights will be preparing and serving breakfast in honor of the Red Sox after the 9am and 11am masses. Your help would be appreciated. Arrive early and offer to help the cooks. Arrive for a serving round and offer to work the serving line. Arrive as we wrap up and pitch in cleaning up the Parish Hall. Or come for it all. Your help would definitely be appreciated. You will get good fellowship and a rewarding sense of accomplishment as we raise funds for the Council work, but more importantly, we provide a time for members of the parish to come together and renew their friendships.