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Housing Families Breakfast 2017

October 29, 2017

Housing Families
Every year the Knights hold a fund raising breakfast to aid Housing Families.


Patty Kelly
Housing Families was ably represented by Patty Kelly.


In addition to the breakfast, donations were requested for pumpkins decorated by Pope John XXIII students and Judy Doulcette’s youth choir.


Patrick Shea served as the scarecrow for family pictures up on the stage.


Cooking Eggs
Brother Knight John Goudey prepared eggs in the kitchen.


buttered toast
Brother Knight James Donohue prepared toast and buttered it out in the dining area.

Knights of Cannoli at St Rocco’s Feast

August 10-13, 2017: Come August, another Saint Rocco’s Feast in Edgeworth, Malden. The Knights set up their booth on Thursday with five Knights in attendance, the biggest group yet. The booth and tables went up quickly. On Friday we opened selling a larger menu than ever. Here’s are first day crew manning the booth.

St Rocco Selling Cannoli
St Rocco, the guest of honor Antoine, Frank, Charles, Michael, John, Johnny, Scott
What's on the menu? Signs
Antoine, Scott, John Sr, Frank, John Jr, Michael Scott, Antoine, Frank, Charles, John Sr, Johnny

Scott Littlejohn realized the signs were problematic especially if it rained. So, this Knight created signs in plastic pouches which were than sewn to the canopy. Each individual can and does make a contribution. We welcome them all.

Upcoming Events

The Council met on Wednesday, January 21, 2015, and confirmed several events for the coming months.

  1. We will serve a pasta supper at the Monsignor Neagle apartments on Saturday, February 14, at 4pm.
  2. Spring Training Breakfast, in honor of the Red Sox, will served after the 9am and 11am masses on Sunday, February 22. Help will be needed anytime between 7am and 1pm: setup and cooking before the meal, serving line during, and clean up after.
  3. St Patrick’s Day Supper is planned after the 4pm mass for Saturday, March 14, after coordination with GOF. We will be inviting step dancers from the Heavey Quinn Academy again. Help will be needed as early as 8am and as late as 7pm: as before, setup and cooking before, serving during, and clean up after.
  4. With Palm Sunday coming, the Council will meet in the Parish Hall to make palm crosses on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, March 24 – 26, from 7pm to 8pm. Bring scissors. If you do not know how to fold palm crosses, both instructions and training will be available.

Please consider helping out at any or all of these events. In particular, helping to make palm crosses is a great time for fellowship with fellow knights and their families as all are invited to help.

Pumpkins Needed

Forty pumpkins are needed for the Housing Families Breakfast on Sunday, October 16, 2014. Next Wednesday, the Immaculate Conception Youth Group will decorate the pumpkins for those donating for the purpose. They are immensely creative. Just to see the variety of designs is reason to come to the Breakfast. But come early, the most creative pumpkins designs go first. To enable this, please consider donating one or more pumpkins for the purpose. Aldi’s, for example, is selling them for $2.99. If you buy to donate, please bring them to the Immaculate Conception Parish Hall sometime this weekend so they are available to Scott Morin’s Youth Group.

St Rocco’s Day 2

The second day was just as busy.

St Rocco was receiving donations in the time honored tradition.
stroccos140809-08 stroccos140809-07
Saturday was comic night with a large audience… …which sat almost in the comic’s lap.
stroccos140809-03 stroccos140809-06
The Knights were supported by their ladies… (Stella Pinkham, ?, Diane Melendez, Filomena Chamberlain) … and an ever changing peanut gallery behind the booth. (Mary Lou & Charles Bosselman, Frank Shea, Tom Ryan, Jack Pinkham)
stroccos140809-02 stroccos140809-04
In the booth new talent showed up to help… (John Farrell, Jr, Antoine Schettini, Tom Monahan) …working hard to provide comestibles for our customers. (Antoine Schettini, Gene Pinkham)
stroccos140809-09 stroccos140809-05
But there were quiet periods where the workers could catch their breath. (Tom Ryan, Michael DiBenedetto, Antoine Schettini) And every Knight greatly enjoyed himself. (John Farrell, Jr)
stroccos140809-10 stroccos140809-11
Your photographer was beckoned forward by Gene Pinkham… …to capture a trio of happy customers with golden brown calamari.

St Rocco’s Day 1

On the first day at 2:30pm, a squad of Knights assembled at Immaculate Conception Church, our home base, to collect tables, cooking gear, and the refrigerated food. Joe, the facilities manager, used his truck to transport the tables. We proceeded to Pearl Street.

stroccos140808-01 stroccos140808-02
Once there, Dick Loud, Tom Monahan, Mike Melendez, and Gene Pinkham began to set up our booth. The St Rocco station was already up and awaiting the Italian-American Citizens Club statue.
stroccos140808-03 stroccos140808-04
Other booths were also setting up, here Pisa Pizza. And a beer garden was receiving tables.
stroccos140808-05 stroccos140808-06
Before long we were ready. And by 5:00pm Gene was cooking the eggplant rolotini.
stroccos140808-07 stroccos140808-08
More Knights began to arrive: John Farrell Sr; Brian Chamberlain, Grand Knight; Frank Farrell; Jack Pinkham; Pat Shea; and Frank Shea. Our master fry chef, John Farrell Sr, got down to some serious calamari work.
stroccos140808-09 stroccos140808-10
After 6:30pm the procession came into view in front of our booth, preceded by a color guard, and an honor guard of Fourth Degree Knights in full regalia with members of the Italian American Citizens Club carrying St Rocco’s image.
stroccos140808-11 stroccos140808-12
A full marching band completed the procession. After passing, they continued down Pearl Street to the stage where Keeping It Real was setting up.
stroccos140808-13 stroccos140808-14
From the stage, the procession returned to the memorial. Facing the memorial and the two flag poles behind, prayers were said.
stroccos140808-15 stroccos140808-16
Then the American flag was raised slowly in time to the National Anthem. With the stars and stripes at full mast, the Italian flag was raised in time to the Italian National Anthem.
stroccos140808-17 stroccos140808-18
St Rocco processed to his alcove where he was installed with honor for the duration of the Feast.