Election Results

The Council met via Zoom on Monday, June 22, at 7pm. For the foreseeable future all meetings will be on Zoom. A Knight can connect on line or call in at the number in the Grand Knight’s invitation.

The main order of business was the election. As every office had only one candidate, the meeting voted unanimously to elect the entire slate.

Grand Knight Antoine Schettini
Deputy Grand Knight Scott Littlejohn
Treasurer Mike Melendez
Advocate Tim Meagher
Recorder John Goudey
Chancellor Charles Bosselman
Warden Frank Farrell
Outside Guard William Holbrook
Inside Guard TOM WALSH
Trustee 3 Year Conrad Mitala
Trustee 2 Year Lima Durval
Trustee 1 Year Ziche Chen

Canollis at St Rocco’s Feast this year were raised. Scott Littlejohn had heard the feast would be cancelled. The next day, Mike Melendez called Joyce Mover, the Director. She confirmed that this would be the first St Rocco’s in 91 years to be cancelled.

With social distancing limiting projects, the Council decided to meet only on the first Monday of the month at 7pm on Zoom.

Next meeting: Monday, July 6, 7pm. Watch for the Grand Knight’s email invitation.

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