A Second Zoom Meeting

The Council met on June 1 on Zoom. Six members and our District Deputy took part. The DD ran nominations for officers, who will start serving on July 1. Only the Treasurer committed to run again. The good news, the technology works. We are looking into expanding our Zoom contract to allow people to phone in.

The Council needs your help, Brother Knights. We have scheduled a second Zoom meeting on next Monday, June 8. We will continue the nominations. More importantly, we will discuss the future of the Council.

If you can participate in this meeting, by computer or phone, please contact the Grand Knight, Antoine Schettini, or the Treasurer, Mike Melendez, who hosts the Zoom meetings.

GK Antoine Schettini 617-800-5909 ferlabo@comcast.net
Mike Melendez 781-475-6397 melendez@alum.mit.edu

1 thought on “A Second Zoom Meeting

  1. God bless you John Farrell Sr. You will be very much missed I know Our Lord Jesus Christ was there to take you home

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