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To contribute to the quality of major software projects from requirements to customer installation, with emphases on defect prevention, test, and measurement.



Software Quality Engineer with broad experience across the development and delivery process.




Netezza, Marlborough, Massachusetts                                                                           2008-2009

        Senior Software Quality Assurance Engineer

·  Developed functional and system test for User Defined Objects (UDO) in support of Netezza SQL which runs on the company’s massively parallel data warehouse appliance, Netezza Performance Server (NPS). Netezza SQL is loosely based on PostgreSQL. The first UDO was a version of PL/pgSQL, a stored procedure scripting language used directly with SQL. The second UDO added Shared Libraries to user written C++ programs implementing additional SQL Aggregates and Functions.  The third consolidated the effort adding variable arguments and environment variables, as well as a fenced mode to the existing SQL Functions and Aggregates.

·  Expanded in-group training on a variety of subjects pertinent to testing from SQL proper to the source control system, Accurev, arranging for in-company experts to present.

Computer Experience:

        Languages: SQL, Perl, unix shells

        Environment: Linux, Nucleus, Windows XP

        Reporting: Jira, HTML, wiki, Word


SiCortex, Maynard, Massachusetts                                                                                 2006-2008

        Software Test Lead

·  Developed and ran software system test for a massively parallel line of low power Linux cluster replacements.  The test suites were drawn from the numerous open source software suites available, starting with Linux Test Project (LTP).  Each suite was analyzed and then wrapped for build and run with Python scripts that standardize the CLI interface and the results reporting.  The primary test design challenge has been the changing system configuration tools including installation.  Individual stand alone wrappers minimized any dependence on the current state of those tools. Unix scripts were used to tie the Python scripts together when a system test was run.

·  Established, configured, and maintained a software system test hardware lab.

·  Maintained a Bugzilla defect tracking system, providing use advice, and reporting metrics.

Computer Experience:

        Languages: Python, unix shells

        Environment: Linux, MPI, SLURM

        Reporting: Bugzilla, HTML, wiki


Etnus (now Totalview Tech), Natick, Massachusetts                                    2002-2006

        Test Lead

·  Developed major improvements in the C/gmake/shell/awk/TCL internal test system for a parallel debugging application.

·  Established, maintained, and ran TCL/Expect driven automated nightly tests. Tests were run on many Linux/Unix test systems.

·  Introduced and administered a Bugzilla defect tracking system.

·  Developed and presented training on software test.

        Computer Experience

                Languages:  C, TCL/Expect, unix shells

                Environments:  Linux, Solaris, AIX, Darwin, IRIX, HP-UX, Tru64

                Reporting:  Bugzilla, HTML, OpenOffice


Network Appliance, Inc, Waltham, Massachusetts                                                      2000 - 2002

        Member Technical Staff  (QA Project Lead)

·  Designed and developed TCL/Expect based test harness and associated C API conformance tests on rdma based software, ran and reported on same.

·  Ported the tests to a company standard Perl based test harness.

·  Trained and lead 1 to 4 engineers in support of the testing.

·  Organized and maintained a test lab.

·  Prepared extensive defect metrics reports.

·  Developed and presented training on testing terminology.

Computer Experience

Languages:  C, TCL/Expect, Perl

Environments:  Solaris, Windows/NT & 2K, NetApp Ontap, Perforce, CVS

Reporting:  HTML, FrameMaker, Excel, Word, internal defect tracking tool


Mercury Computer Systems, Inc, Chelmsford, Massachusetts                                 1998 - 2000

        Principal Software Engineer  (QA Project Lead)

·  Developed C API conformance tests for MPI/RT (Message Passing Interface/Real-Time)

·  Lead 5 engineers in developing TCL/Expect based system test harness

·  Lead 3 to 9 engineers in conducting, evaluating, and reporting on system tests on the Mercury OS

·  Established, maintained and expanding a software system test lab.

·  Developed and presented training on testing theory (equivalence partitioning)

Computer Experience

Languages:  C, TCL/Expect, Perl

Environments:  Solaris, Windows/NT, MC/OS (multiprocessing, real-time), ClearCase

Reporting:  HTML, Word, Clarify, FrameMaker


Clariion, Southboro, Massachusetts                                                                               1997 - 1998

        Senior Software Engineer  (QA)

·  Developed test plans for C API functional tests of scalable tape backup system

·  Developed C based test harness and C API tests

·  Conducted, evaluated and reported system tests

·  Implemented defect tracking and reporting

Computer Experience

Languages:  C

Environments:  Solaris, HPUX, Windows/NT/95

Reporting:  FrameMaker, Word


The Open Group Research Institute, Cambridge, Massachusetts                            1995 - 1997

        Senior Software Engineer  (QA)

·  Developed and tracked test plans for system test of OS prototypes

·  Obtained and administered system resources for unit, integration, and system tests

·  Developed and maintained both manual and automated test sets

·  Conducted, evaluated, and reported system tests

·  Implemented and improved defect tracking and reporting

·  Developed scripts to automate customer release of prototypes

        Computer Experience

                Languages:  Perl, TCL/Expect

                Environments:  OSF/1, HPUX, internal configuration management tool

                Testing:  AIM, VSX, SPEC

                Reporting:  HTML, FrameMaker, internal defect tracking tool


Stratus Computer, Marlboro, Massachusetts                                                               1994 - 1995

        Senior Software Engineer  (QA)

·  Conducted, evaluated, and reported system tests

·  Developed and tracked test plans for system test of maintenance releases

·  Investigated and wrote final reports on test plan implementation and results

·  Configured system and communications capabilities in concert with the test plan

·  Developed and maintained both manual and automated (via shell scripts) test sets

        Computer Experience

                Environments:  Stratus VOS, SunOS, MS-DOS/Windows,

                                        internal configuration management tool

                Reporting:  internal defect tracking tools


Thinking Machines Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts                                  1989 - 1994

        Senior Software Engineer (QA)                                                               1993-1994

·  Created, developed, and maintained a system testing capability

·  Developed test reports based on field configurations to provide high level completion metrics

·  Automated existing tests using shell and Perl scripts

        Senior Education Specialist                                                                      1992 - 1993

·  Developed, maintained, and taught customer courses on parallel programming

        Applications Engineer                                                                                1989 - 1992

·  Solved applications, systems, and hardware problems on CM-2 parallel systems at field sites in California, Japan, and Germany.

        Computer Experience

                Languages:  CM FORTRAN, C*, FORTRAN, C, CMMD parallel message passing

                Environments:  CM-5(CMOST), CM-2(CMSS), SunOS, Ultrix, Macintosh

                Graphics: CM/AVS, CMX11, CM Graphics


California Research & Technology, Chatsworth, California                                     1985 - 1989

Software Engineer  (Graphics project lead)

·  Developed 3D color raster graphics package to display annotated finite difference data graphics software library to support the video software

·  Designed, implemented, and maintained 2D color raster graphics package to display annotated quadrilateral grids, vectors, and tracers

·  Produced four 2D computer generated video reports

·  Lead an engineer in pursuit of most of the above work

        Computer Experience

                Languages: FORTRAN, C

                Environments:  Cray(CTSS), VAX(VMS), UNIX, MS-DOS

                Graphics: CGS (Los Alamos), GKS


California State University, Northridge, California                                    1984 - 1989

        Lecturer, Computer Science Department (part-time)                          1985 - 1989

·  Organized and taught FORTRAN programming course

·  Organized and taught introductory algorithms course

        Master of Science Candidate                                                                    1984 - 1988

        Computer Experience

                Languages: FORTRAN, Pascal, C

                Environments: VAX(VMS), MS-DOS, Cyber(NOS), PDP-11(UNIX, RSTS)


NROTC Unit, The Citadel, Charleston, South Carolina                                             1982 - 1984

        Assistant Professor, Naval Science  (Lieutenant, USN)

·  Organized and taught courses on Naval Orientation and Naval Engineering

·  Counseled midshipmen as college students and prospective Naval Officers


USS MacDonough(DDG-39), Charleston, South Carolina                                         1979 - 1982

        Surface Warfare Office (Ensign and Lieutenant Junior Grade, USN)

·  Supervised twelve man division that operated and maintained electronic warfare equipment, combat information center computers, and inter-ship data links

·  Supervised fifteen man division responsible for electrical power generation and distribution



        Gerald Weinberg’s Consultants Workshop                                                          March 2006

        AYE Conference                                                                                          2001, 2003, 2004, 2005

        Gerald Weinberg’s Problem Solving Leadership Course                                  March 2002

        Northeastern University                                                                                            1994 - 1997

                Distributed Communications I & II (C/UNIX) 1996 - 1997                            

                Data Communications certificate ( 6 courses )                                1994 - 1996

        California State University, Northridge                

                MS Computer Science                                                                                       1988      

        Massachusetts Institute of Technology                 

                BS Electrical Engineering                                                                                1978



        American Society for Quality (ASQ)                                                                      1999 – present

                Software Quality Group meetings                     1997-present

        New England Software Quality Assurance Forum (NESQAF)                           1993 - 2002

        ACM                                                                                                                              1984 - present

        IEEE                                                                                                                                1976 - present

        U.S. Naval Institute                                                                                                     1974 - present